Wireless Bluetooth selfie stick

As a selfie stick supplier in Asia, we are committed to being your specific, advanced and best partner, providing global customers with selfie sticks and related products of services in the R&D, processing and production , including but not limited to monopod selfie stick£¬ tripod selfie stick,wired-control selfie stick, Bluetooth wireless selfie stick, remote control selfie stick, etc. Wireless Bluetooth selfie stick full series of products

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Based on different uses and usage scenarios, the Bluetooth selfie stick is divided into monopod wireless Bluetooth selfie stick (for handheld operation), tripod wireless Bluetooth selfie stick (can free hands, can be used for self-timer, live broadcast, etc.), wireless Bluetooth fill light selfie stick(with 2 fill light gears for insufficient light), wireless Bluetooth selfie stick extended version (if need large range of photographs, the extended version is a good fit), with remote control wireless Bluetooth selfie stick (with The separable Bluetooth remote control, can be opened into a tripod and can be easily taken photos at a distance of 10m.

Wired control selfie stick series£¬ The advantage of the wired control selfie stick is that it is smaller and uses a mobile phone power supply to photograph.It is different for Bluetooth selfie stick series that need to charge Bluetooth remote controller.

Selfie Stick

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  • YMP company has 15 years of foreign trade experience, with design and development departments and processing plants, you can choose spot procurement, OEM, ODM, complete processing and production testing equipment, parts can be produced, free of intermediary costs, can make a greater profit for our customers ,therefore YMP have a price advantage.
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  • In order to meet your diverse trading methods, we offer Alibaba Credit Guarantee Order, T/T, and Western unio
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    Our company is ISO 9001-(2008) certified. We designed our system to minimize the possibility of errors in the manufacturing process by:


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