What're the Types of Selfie Sticks and Their Material Classification

2019-06-18 YMP Industry Limited

I think everyone used to experience the time when they were in the scenic spot. If you want to take a full-length photo or a half-length photo, you must find someone to help. If you are with a friend, you can find a friend to help. If you are alone, you must have trouble with strangers. Sometimes you really feel very embarrassed, especially when you want to take a few more photos. It is even more embarrassing.

It was not until later that the appearance of a self-portrait artifact changed the situation. That's the selfie stick. With the selfie stick we can also take very beautiful photos. There are so many self-timer bars on the market, and the appearance functions are different. So how do you choose the best selfie stick for yourself? Then we have to look at the classification of the selfie stick first.

First, let's first classify the use of the selfie stick. One is that the Bluetooth button is installed on the selfie stick, and the other is a Bluetooth remote control that is independently equipped. The button is mounted on the selfie stick, which is very convenient, and the self-timer can be completed with one hand. It is recommended that novices choose the Bluetooth remote control button to be installed on the selfie stick. However, this self-timer has a very obvious shortcoming. When the shutter is self-timer, the pole will shake with the force of the thumb press. it is good.

In addition, there is a new type of selfie stick, which is a line on the selfie stick. This line is directly inserted into the earphone hole of the mobile phone and can be photographed directly. The effect is very good; unlike the traditional self-timer, it is inconvenient, and at the same time No need to charge, plug and play.

The second is to sort by material. In terms of materials, there is a plastic selfie stick. The characteristics of this product are that it is not subject to changes in ambient temperature and the size is different. The grip is better, but the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high and not environmentally friendly; the other is commonly used nowadays. The aluminum alloy, this product is extremely light weight, good steel, can use all kinds of mobile phones and the same, and the use is very wide; it is recommended that you buy the latter one.

In addition, there are a few that are known as carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is actually a gimmick, and it has no practical significance for the selfie stick. No matter which one you choose, you should try to choose a solid style, and pay attention to their weight. Don't be too light or too heavy to ensure the stability of the phone.

We also have to consider a compatibility issue when purchasing a selfie stick. Some people buy things mainly because they look at the appearance, but the internal settings are often ignored. There are so many problems that result in the final use.

When buying a selfie stick, make sure that the back clip of the selfie stick has a wide range of compatibility so that you don't have to use it because you have to change your phone. There are also some self-timer sticks that are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. Some can only use one operating system. If you want the selfie stick to be suitable for more 3C devices, you should pay attention to this when choosing.

The last thing to look at is the length of the selfie stick. Many people may think that the length of the selfie stick is as long as possible. However, this kind of thinking is wrong. The self-timer is not as long as possible. It is more laborious to take a picture too long, and it is difficult to control. The effect of shooting is not necessarily good.

The length of the current selfie stick is basically between 20 cm and 120 cm. According to a survey in Korea, the most popular self-timer is no more than 95 cm in length. The best time for self-portrait is 3 cm.

After reading the above self-timer bar classification, you know which aspects to choose when purchasing the selfie stick! Now, Xiaobian recommends a self-timer for the company, a customizable selfie stick from YMP Industry Limited Technology Co., Ltd. You can choose the color, packaging, whether it contains remote control, whether it contains Bluetooth function, whether it is remote control, whether to use a tripod, whether there is a removable head, whether the phone holder has wireless charging function, whether the phone holder has car function. This way you will have a selfie stick that fits your heart perfectly.

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