Self-timer's Technique-No Filter or Photo Editing Is Required

2019-09-16 YMP Industry Limited

In the digital age, instant photography and fast online sharing make us improve our photography skills every day.

However, many people can't make themselves satisfied with the photos they take, and for those who don't like excessive beauty and picture-fixing, it is very difficult to take a good photo.

Today, I tried to share some photography skills with you to help you take better photos.

The first thing is to know yourself, for example, which clothes are suitable for your body shape and what shape can highlight your advantages and cover your disadvantages.

A good shape can make a better picture.

We can try our best to make ourselves look slimmer and our legs look longer and slimmer. All these can be achieved through reasonable wear and fitting.

If you want to take a good picture, you must first make a good shape.

Secondly, the photos should be vivid. We should try to have more vivid expressions when taking photos. We can practice how to put on more vivid expressions in front of the mirror in our spare time. When taking photos, a vivid expression can make you more moving.

If we feel nervous in front of the camera, we can choose to add some small movements on our hands or feet to ease the tension or make ourselves less stiff.

If you don't like to pat your face straight, we can try to pat your side face and back.

When taking full-body photos, we should pay attention to composition. The simplest composition is to leave blank. We can occupy one-third to two-thirds of the area of the photo, and other places are the surrounding scenery. It is very important to choose a good background. For example, the sky, distant trees, buildings, sunset, distant mountains and courtyards can all be used. The purpose is to enrich our photos and make them better.

Of course, in order to take good photos, besides mastering basic skills, a good equipment is also essential. You can choose YMP selfie stick, it has tripod and separate Bluetooth remote control, which can help you to take better photos.

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