On the Present Self-timer Rod Market

2019-10-08 YMP Industry Limited

Since I am not a professional, this article only represents some personal views.

Personally, I think the market for advanced selfie sticks is approaching saturation. Self-portraits were very hot in the past few years, but after these years, except for some people who are extremely fond of self-portraits and some online bloggers, the enthusiasm of others to take various self-portraits has gradually decreased.

Moreover, over the years, more and more people have expressed great boredom to those who take various selfies and do micro-business in their circle of friends. This also makes many ordinary people start to stay away from all kinds of endless selfies.

In fact, this has been reflected for a long time. The articles on selfie and selfie skills and selfie sticks on the Internet have stayed in 2018.  For a long time no one has published any more information about selfies. This can also reflect from one aspect that the selfie stick has now entered a period of weakness.

Of course, this does not mean that there will be no market for selfie sticks. However, the sale of selfie sticks is not good now. It is basically certain.

In the future, there is no other way to continue the development of selftimer except to develop more new products. It must have more functions, smaller size and more advanced technology.

Now many manufacturers are fighting a price war, keeping prices down, but this is a protracted war with no way out.

In the future, there will definitely be more scientific and technological selfie equipment to replace the present selfie stick. And the time for this device to appear must be coming soon.

We are now looking forward to the emergence of self-timer devices with more powerful functions and more scientific and technological senses.

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