Use Experience of Selfie Stick with Anti-shake Stabilizer

2019-10-17 YMP Industry Limited

With the camera function of mobile phones becoming more and more powerful, it can be compared with digital cameras. We have entered the era of national photography, and selfies are everywhere. Everyone is a photographer. Everyone can be an anchor, and can take selfies or live broadcasts anytime and anywhere.

Many friends like to record their travel experiences or some interesting things in life through their mobile phones, and then share them in the circle of friends. However, when taking selfies, one hand cannot meet the shooting needs. For example, when three to five friends take selfies at the same time, no one's arm is long enough for everyone to enter the mirror, so it is very necessary to have a selfie stick at this time.

Self-timer lever has developed into a multifunctional artifact that can be controlled by Bluetooth from the original lever that is controlled by wire.  An excellent selfie stick can not only extend your shooting distance (if you like, you can use the remote control button on the selfie stick to shoot at random within 10 meters), but also have anti-shake function. Some selfie sticks may also have light supplementing function.  This kind of selfie stick is definitely a necessary artifact for home travel. Today, I will bring you a self-shake selfie stick experience with my own tripod head. Those who like to take selfies and live broadcasts must not miss it!

This YMP pan-tilt anti-shake self-timer comes from the products of Shenzhen Yixin Chuang Yan Technology Co., Ltd. In addition to being equipped with a single-axis pan-tilt, it also supports the latest Bluetooth 4.0, supports remote control operation, has an effective connection distance of up to 10 meters, has a hidden tripod design, can be freely switched at 360 degrees of shooting angle, and has an aviation-grade aluminum alloy pull rod. 


Behind the mobile phone bracket is a brushless motor gyroscope with anti-shake control algorithm.


Although equipped with gyroscopes, the entire selftimer lever is only 265g, which is very light.


The self-timer lever is equipped with 450mA rechargeable lithium battery, which is specially used to supply power to the cradle head and can be used continuously for about 3 hours. The remote control button is equipped with 120mA high-life CR1632 button battery.


The design of separate power supply for gyroscope and shutter is also a highlight of this product. When the stabilizer is dead, tighten the rotator on the stabilizer by hand, which can be used as a common Bluetooth selftimer.

The Bluetooth connection method of the selftimer lever is very simple.


In general, this single-axis pan-tilt wireless Bluetooth selfie stick can make daily photographing or video photographing more professional. Random shaking will not affect photographing, and will bring more fun to your life. It is definitely value for money.

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