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2019-10-07 YMP Industry Limited

A few days ago, our colleague raised a question. That is whether it is right for us to only take the middle and high-end route.

This is also the question of many people. It seems that those who make products must have enough kinds of products in order to be in an invincible position in the market.  It seems that we must cover the three fields of high school and low school in order to have more ways of development.

Although it seems that this is indeed the case, it is contrary to our founding purpose.  Our original aim was to create the highest standard selfie stick in the industry.  But is it right to go against one's own principles in order to cater to the market?

YMP's selfie stick has moved to many countries over the years and has made its own footprint in the world.  This cannot be separated from the efforts of every employee, but what is more important is that we stick to the principles and strictly control the quality.  All the products coming out from us are excellent.

There are many cheap selfie sticks on the market. These selfie sticks do sell more widely and make more profits.  However, this does not mean that we should cater to this trend and make some cheap selfie sticks.

We will stick to the road of high-end customization and will not lower our standards and requirements even if we encounter more difficulties.  We want to make every selfie stick that goes out from us have to be of the highest quality.

This may not be easy, but we will stick to this principle.  We will always only do high-quality products and always pursue higher quality and more fashionable style.

If you want more high-end and high-quality customized selfie sticks, then we will be your best choice!

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