Why is YMP's Wireless Bluetooth Selftimer Selling Very Well

2019-09-29 YMP Industry Limited

Just now, I suddenly found that our company has a lot of selfie sticks, but the sales volume of one selfie stick is much higher than that of other selfie sticks.

I think there must be a unique reason why it sells so well. So I wrote this article to analyze the reason why the sales volume of this Bluetooth selfie stick is booming.

The first is its appearance. The overall design of this selfie pole is relatively simple and looks very atmospheric.

And its outer layer is made of relatively elastic natural rubber. This kind of rubber has anti-skid property, even if you have water in your hands, you will not slide. Secondly, this material is very easy to clean. Wipe with a wet towel or paper towel and it will be clean.

The telescopic rod inside is made of aviation grade aluminum alloy, which is not only strong but also very light in weight. This not only ensures the quality of the selfie stick, but also makes it much lighter than other selfie sticks.

The second is the performance. The Bluetooth version of this selfie stick is 5.0. We don't need to worry about the adaptability. This also extends its service life a lot.

Let's look at its configuration again. The mobile phone clip of this self-timer lever has a steering shaft on it, which can rotate 360 degrees and can be easily photographed at any angle.

Secondly, it has its own tripod, which is very stable and easy to use. With a tripod, we can not only take photos and broadcast live more conveniently, but also use this selfie stick as a mobile phone bracket, and we can adjust the height at will when we make video calls with friends.

In addition, it also has the same wireless Bluetooth remote controller as other Bluetooth selftimer. We can press the shutter or other operations remotely through the remote controller, which is simple and convenient.

Judging from the above characteristics, it is not difficult to understand the reason why this selfie pole is so efficient. Of course, except that the selfie pole itself is very outstanding, its price is equally attractive.

The function and quality of this selfie stick are not inferior to any wireless Bluetooth selfie stick on the market, but its price is cheaper than other products of the same type. As for how much cheaper it is, you have to find out for yourself.

If you are interested in this self-made pole with a high sales volume, you can find out more details on our official website, or you can directly send me an email ( to find my quotation.

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