What are the Functions of the New Selfie Stick Lever

2019-07-22 YMP Industry Limited

You may be one of those who had a selfie stick a few years ago, use for group photos taking, selfie taking, but soon it was left in somewhere as it was too heavy, too simple function, or other reasons, so when speak of selfie stick, you may think you don’t really need it.

But as more and more normal people become a vlogger, or blogger, many functions have been added into the selfie stick, let’s take a look at the new functions of selfie stick.

1.Selfie stick with tripod,

The traditional selfie stick it’s a monopod selfie stick, it’s can stand or to be fixed on the ground or on the table, have to be used in hand, and can take only heads shot not full body shot, tripod selfie stick now come along with tripod, you can use as a mobile stand by the table when you are watching video at home or making video call to your client in the office, and you can take full body shots easily when you are travelling alone with selfie stick fixing on the ground.

The tripod it’s separated for some selfie stick, but for YMP selfie stick come with integrated design tripod, which can be part of the pole when you are taking a selfie, and it can be tripod when you need a full body shot; It make the utmost of the pole space.

2.Selfie stick with Bluetooth remote

Bluetooth selfie stick allows you to take full body shot without asking for help. And you can take group photos any time instead of running with counting down.

3.Selfie stick with automatic rotation function

With an automatic rotation selfie stick, you can take very cool clone pictures with automatic rotation function by yourself using panorama mode, and you can change angle by remote control, sounds very cool right? If you are a solo vlogger or blogger you should have one of them.

4.Selfie stick with stabilizer

Gimbal stabilizer selfie stick make the mobile filming more and more easier. you can shoot some special effects directly.

Selfie stick it’s not just a selfie stick, it’s a very good company with your vlogging life.

YMP provide new solution for selfie stick with OEM/ODM service, contact us for more details.

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