What Is a YMP Selfie Stick

2019-07-31 YMP Industry Limited

The selfie stick is a very popular selfie artifact in the world. It can be extended freely from 20 cm to 120 cm. Users only need to fix the phone or camera to the telescopic rod, and the multi-angle self-timer can be captured by the remote control.

Today we will recognize the YMP selfie sticks from the following aspects:

Firstly about the Origin:

The first selfie stick was invented by Hiroshi Ueda and Yujiro Mima, and was called the "Cap-camera-supported telescopic expander".

Secondly about its design structure

The technical design of the selfie stick is not complicated. It is mainly composed of a selfie stick, a fixed bracket, a Bluetooth remote control or a shutter button. The fixed bracket can clip a mobile phone, a camera or even a tablet computer. It can help you to take the best photos or videos with freely adjustable telescopic stick.

Thirdly about main usage occasions:

Can be used for Couple selfie, Group photo, live, travel, party, video conference, gift, Vlog , etc.

Fourthly about the usage method:

First fix the phone on the bracket .The phone bracket stretching range is between 56mm and 86mm which can fits almost mobile phones with a 3.6-6.5 inch screen and the remote control requires no extra APP.

Then turn on the phone Bluetooth, select Bluetooth name, and connect with each other.

At last extend the selfie stick to the length you want and press the Bluetooth shutter button to take photos when you choose the right angle.

Fifthly about User Guide

a)Selection indicator

Firstly, some selfie sticks are compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems, but some can only one operating system. If you want the selfie stick to be suitable for more 3C devices, you should pay attention to this when choosing.

Secondly, the indicator of "photographing reaction speed" is also quite critical. It is really tiring if pose set up, but takes a long time for button response.

b)Use Skills

Large angle rotation of the phone bracket is also one of very important purchase factors. YMP selfie stick with 360 degrees rotation which helps you choose the horizontal or vertical camera mode to take the best photos or videos. Generally speaking, the load capacity of selfie stick is about 500g, but you should pay attention to the locking function of phone bracket when you choose a selfie stick, ensure that the mobile phone or other electronic equipment will not slip or sway during use.

The shooting position of the YMP selfie stick is very reasonable, and it is within the control range of the thumb, and the touch is comfortable and very sensitive. Some selfie sticks on the market have hard shutter buttons which makes your hands uncomfortable to use for a long time, and also the buttons are easily broken.

In addition, about the material, it is best to choose aluminum alloy, which is light and rust-proof.

Pls kindly note that there maybe a “hand shake” happened when using a selfie stick, and the longer the stick is, the more it shakes. If you are a person who likes running or skiing, YMP Gimbal Stabilizer Selfie Stick will be you best choice.

Sixth: the main impacts

Around the world, the YMP selfie stick has many fans, including US President Barack Obama and South Korean President Park Geun-hye. In the past two years, the YMP selfie stick has quickly become very popular in the world and even evolved into a "self-portrait culture." Oxford University Press rated "selfie stick " as the annual vocabulary in 2013.

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