Difference between Selfie Stick and Monopod

2019-07-06 YMP Industry Limited

Selfie sticks are often confused with monopods, as they both seem very similar when it comes to appearance. However, appearances can be deceiving. Selfie sticks and monopods are used for very different purposes.

A selfie stick is a form of monopod that is modified in order to fit smartphones. The stick is a small extendable pole that can open slightly longer in order to take a photo from a distance. It has a handle on one end and a clamp on the other. It comes with a remote button or Bluetooth controls that allow the user to take a photo. Although helpful if taking photos in large groups, it has been marked as a safety hazard and banned in many places.

A monopod (also known as a unipod) is a pole that is used to support precision instruments such as cameras, video cameras, binoculars and rifles in the field. It provides extra support in order to steady the device. This is done when there is a lot of movement when shooting and the monopod allows more stability to the photographer/shooter to keep a better and steadier shot. It can be used by a photographer in order to take sharp pictures at slower shutter speeds, and/or with longer focal length lenses. A monopod can also be attached to a rifle for a sniper to take a steadier shot and hit the mark.

A monopod is similar to a tripod, but it only has a single leg compared to the three that can be found on a tripod. The tripod allows the camera to stand alone, while a monopod requires a person to hold the pod steady.

The main different between a selfie stick and a monopod is that the selfie stick is a type of a monopod. The selfie stick is also shorter compared to the monopod. There are also differences in the way the instruments are used.

Comparison between Selfie Stick and Monopod:

A selfie stick is a type of monopod that allows users to put their cell phones or cameras on the stick and a remote allows the person to click the photo.Users:Regular people.Purpose:For the sake of clicking selfies anywhere

A monopod is a pole that allows users to attach cameras, video cameras, binoculars and rifles to allow precision for shooting.Users:Photographers and shooters.Purpose:To get a more stable shot when required.

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