Breaking the False Self-timer

2019-10-05 YMP Industry Limited

'Selfie' was the Oxford Dictionary word of the year in 2013 -- the trend is riding the social media wave to become become inescapable.

What's driving millions to spend a better part of their day looking at the world as a series of snapshots superimposed with their own cheery face with unenviable enthusiasm?  Is it an unnatural obsession with oneself bordering on self-destructive narcissism or simply a harmless, inexpensive and fun way to share your life with people you know or love?

Tweeting or posting selfies on Facebook or Instagram helps people share their lives with their group of followers or friends who are likely to share si  milar interests. Getting retweeted or liked is the icing on the cake -- it validates the person's action and improves self-esteem, urging them to repeat the behaviour.

We all need a real friend Taking and sharing selfies is harmless as long it doesn't distract you from real sharing with friends and family.

We are always addicted to some illusory things and long for some short-term happiness.  However, we should have a clear understanding of the reality. The virtual network world cannot become a reality after all, and we should eventually return to real life.  Therefore, putting down the selfie stick and mobile phone, getting to know things in life, getting to know more friends, and communicating with people become the things we must do.

When you turn this into reality, you will find it is not very difficult to do it, and its harvest will definitely exceed your imagination.

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