New Situation of Self-timer-YMP Wireless Bluetooth Tripod Self-timer

2019-09-17 YMP Industry Limited

What comes to mind when you see the word selfie? A man was holding a long selftimer in his hand, posing under the camera.

Or a group of people tightly packed together, strive for their heads to appear in the camera.  Also, in order to take a good picture, you have to hold your selfie stick high to continue taking pictures when your hands are sore.

In fact, there is no need to bother at all. You can choose to change a selfie stick or take a picture.

Today, let's look at the ——YMP wireless Bluetooth tripod selfie stick, which is the most convenient, versatile and simple selfie stick design.

As the name implies, this selfie stick not only has a detachable Bluetooth remote control, but also has a tripod. We usually buy a tripod to cooperate with our selfie stick for photographing and photographing. But as long as you have this self-timer with a tripod and a detachable Bluetooth remote control. Then you don't need to buy another tripod. We all know that a tripod bought separately also needs to be stored separately, and the tripod with this self-timer lever is directly folded on the lever body of the self-timer lever and does not need to take up extra space.

And with this selfie stick, you can easily take full-body photos and record all kinds of small videos by yourself. Does it feel very convenient?

The most amazing thing is that the effective distance of the Bluetooth remote controller of this selftimer can reach 10 meters. Then you can use it to take some rare photos when traveling outside.

There are many ways to use this self-timer lever. When you are in a place with large traffic, you can choose to place the Bluetooth remote controller on the self-timer lever, so it becomes a hand-held self-timer lever and it is not easy to lose your Bluetooth remote controller.

When you want to take photos or broadcast live, you can choose to open the tripod. This step is very simple, just pull the tripod out and open it. This tripod self-timer can hold all the mobile phones and small cameras on the market, even if it is stretched to the maximum length, the mobile phone will not shake. Very stable.

Therefore, if you are looking for a tripod wireless Bluetooth selfie stick that is convenient for live broadcast and photography, you can choose this one. It is really very good, and its appearance is also very beautiful.

And as far as I know, the company's selfie stick can be customized, you can choose to add some other functions to it, such as bringing a flashlight or adding some unique signs and decorations to it.

If you are interested in this proposal, you can contact them at any time or find out more details on their official website.

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