• The Experience Of Using A Selfie Stick To Treat Hand Shake

    When we shoot dynamic video, jittery pictures and cluttered composition are pain points that we can't overcome. An obvious example is that the small circle of friends video function that has been released for more than a year has not been widely welcomed by the participants of the circle photography contest.

    2020-02-28 YMP Industry Limited

  • From 3 Part To Have A Deep Knowing For Selfie Stick

    The handle part of Osmo is made of plastic. For the weight of the whole machine (with battery and mobile phone) nearly 600g, this is definitely a wise move. The non-slip material similar to the camera handle is added to the front of the handle. Don't worry about the handle slipping.

    2020-02-27 YMP Industry Limited

  • Your Selfie Needs A Pole

    Now when it comes to selfie, everyone has their own set of ways. More and more people are traveling outside, gathering, and holding an object called a selfie stick. Then, do you know when the props that were sought after by thousands of people first appeared?

    2020-02-26 YMP Industry Limited

  • How The Selfie Stick Dealer Stands Out In The Fierce Market Competition

    The future selfie stick market is full of opportunities and challenges. Facing such fierce market competition, only by doing a good job in the three aspects of "brand, management and service", can the selfie stick agency expand and strengthen its business, seize more market share and earn more wealth.

    2020-01-13 YMP Industry Limited

  • Selfie Has Become A Habit-How To Choose A Good Selfie Stick

    Compared with Casio self-timer artifacts, SLR, micro-single self-timer tools, the selfie stick is very cost-effective, can play the role of a mobile phone, light and portable, with many advantages.

    2020-01-13 YMP Industry Limited

  • Gopro Selfie Stick Test

    The Gopro selfie stick has been well received on Amazon. Some reviews were given, and most of them were positive, ranging from 5 stars to 3 stars. Few reviews leave a bad impression on Gopro Selfie Stick.

    2019-12-31 YMP Industry Limited

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