• One Minute Takes You Through the Selfie Stick and Its Influence

    From the "hardware configuration" of the selfie stick, most of the self-timer rods range from 24 to 94 cm, and there are also sizes between 65 and 135 cm. The length can be determined according to different needs, but if you want Portable, 24 cm storage length is more suitable for into a travel bag.

    2020-03-05 YMP Industry Limited

  • Choose A Selfie Stick That's Right For You

    Self-timer is being sought after by more and more people. However, it is not easy to choose a reliable selfie stick product. After all, this field is relatively new. How to choose the right selfie stick?

    2020-03-05 YMP Industry Limited

  • How Much Is A Mobile Phone Selfie Stick & How To Choose A Selfie Stick

    The mobile phone selfie stick is a tool that can help people complete self-timer. If you want to take photos with some scenic spots or places of interest when you are traveling outdoors, you don’t need to ask someone to take pictures for yourself if you have a selfie stick.

    2020-03-04 YMP Industry Limited

  • Why Does My Selfie Stick's Shutter Button Zoom My Camera

    If you've recently picked up a selfie stick to use with your Android device you may have run into a significant problem: the trigger button doesn't actually take a photo (but instead zooms the camera in). Read on as we help straighten things out and get you back to taking photos with an extended reach.

    2020-03-03 YMP Industry Limited

  • Selfie Stick Phone Shooting Stabilizer Reviews I

    This will be a very irresponsible, extremely unqualified, self-portrait stick without any selfies, no, stabilizer evaluation.

    2020-03-03 YMP Industry Limited

  • Mobile Phone Selfie Stick Shooting Tips

    For the time being, the conventional selfie stick is divided into two types: a line-controlled shutter and a Bluetooth shutter. The physical line-controlled aperture shutter can effectively reduce the part of the mobile phone.

    2020-02-28 YMP Industry Limited

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