• The Origin of the Selfie Stick

    Self-timer​ bars have been around for a while, and the use of selfie sticks has been banned in some museums, attractions, stadiums, and even apple conferences. The selfie stick is so hot, you might think that the selfie stick has just been invented soon? However, as early as 30 years ago, Japanese Ueda Honda invented the world's first self-timer.

    2019-05-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • Start with a Mobile Phone Selfie Stick and Be Your Own Photographer

    I believe that most girls are very fond of taking pictures. Whether they are at home, shopping or traveling, they will record the most beautiful ones. But if you just shoot yourself, because the arm is not enough, it is difficult to take good-looking and beautiful photos. If you let someone else help you shoot, and you can't get the effect you want, you are always very annoyed. If you have a beautiful face, you can't take good-looking photos. What should you do?

    2019-05-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • Why Does Everyone Need a Selfie Stick to Take Photos

    Selfie sticks are reflective of our technological advances, and more importantly, they cut your arms some slack. Gone are the days when we needed to hold the camera phone as far away as possible to get everyone within the frame. No more arms stretched out, and no more arms accidentally captured in your mobile photos – the selfie stick is here.

    2019-05-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • Counting Those Creative Selfie Sticks Is Almost Broken

    For many people, the selfie stick is indeed a photo artifact, which not only solves the problem of not being long enough when taking pictures, but also makes the photo of the party more vivid. Probably because of this, when I go out for a party these years, I can basically see the figure of the selfie stick.

    2019-05-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • Selfie Stick Selfie? OUT! UAVs Are Now Popular

    If the mirror is a selfie stick 1.0 era, the mobile phone selfie is the 2.0 era, and the selfie stick is the 3.0 era. Humans are still not satisfied, the selfie stick​ is still not long enough, so the selfie has entered a new era - the self-timer of the drone, the self-timer of the 4.0 era. Even the world-first China UAV Photography Contest, which will be launched on July 30, will also open up the “Drone Self-Timer” category.

    2019-05-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • The Origin and Patent of the Selfie Stick

    The selfie stick comes from a long time ago, even before cell phones had front-facing cameras.The first selfie stick was invented by Hiroshi Ueda and Yujiro Mima. It was called the "pocket camera supported telescopic extender."In 1988 Donald n. Horn and Bern Levy filed a patent application for a camcorder/display support rod. The patent describes a long rod for a camcorder that can be shot from above while the director can see the image on the monitor below. In 2005 Fromm, a Canadian inventor, patented a device that could support a camera (us patent #7,684,694). The device and method of use for supporting the camera was submitted by Wayne g. Fromm in 2005.

    2019-05-31 YMP Industry Limited

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