• Why People Choose to Use Selfie Stick

    ​Raise your mobile phone and enter the self-timer mode anytime and anywhere. The self-portrait boom is sweeping every corner of the world. Friends take photos and take pictures, and even take pictures of chopsticks, even mobile phones or camera photos are uploaded. Friends share.

    2019-06-26 YMP Industry Limited

  • Selfie Stick Patent Dispute and Dangerous Accidents

    The selfie stick is not always the same. When the mobile phone was not popular in 1984, some people applied for a patent for the selfie stick for the first time. At the time, the word "self-portrait" did not appear in English, let alone enter it into the dictionary. Compared to the latest selfie sticks, the first selfie stick is neither aesthetic nor popular.

    2019-06-26 YMP Industry Limited

  • Do You Know the Advantages of Photograpting With a Selfie Stick

    Self-timer lever is very common now, do you know why so many people like to take photos with self-timer lever? What are the benefits of taking photos with a selfie stick? Why do we use selfie sticks to take pictures?

    2019-06-24 YMP Industry Limited

  • Several Techniques of Taking Beautiful Photos With Self Shooting Rods

    Many people are distressed that their photos are not good-looking. Some people are excellent themselves, but the photos taken are very embarrassing. Some people can't even watch it. Many people like to take selfies. In the past, they seldom took selfies. Due to the appearance of selfie sticks, more and more people like to take selfies and take more and more photos. We can freely choose various angles, postures and scenes. However, the photos taken by some people are still not good-looking. This may not be the reason for your appearance or your mobile phone or selfie stick. This is because you have no photography skills.

    2019-06-22 YMP Industry Limited

  • Have You Ever Seen a Multifunctional Selfie Stick

    Whenever I bring these things, Xiao Bian thinks, if only there is one thing that can integrate these functions. It can be used not only as a charging treasure to charge a mobile phone, but also as a self-timer lever to take photos. It is better to charge it wirelessly, so there is no need to bring a data cable. Until recently, Xiaobian found a self-timer lever that can be used not only as a mobile charging treasure but also as a vehicle bracket, and it is also wireless charging. Only then did the editor know that his wish could have been realized long ago.

    2019-06-21 YMP Industry Limited

  • What Should I Do if the Selfie Stick Is Not Working Properly

    Before, Xiao Bian saw someone asking some questions about the improper use of selfie sticks on the Internet. We all know that selfie sticks are compatible and not all selfie sticks can be applied to all mobile phones. If it is compatible, it cannot be solved. Of course, sometimes you can't use it not just because of compatibility problems, but because your settings may have problems.

    2019-06-20 YMP Industry Limited

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