• Selfie stick is becoming popular

    In order to absorb more scenery into the selfie, the selfie stick has arrived. A selfie stick otherwise known as monopods or tripods has buttons to control the phone or camera on its handle of the long stick on one end and on the other end the phone fits in. From the initial circle of extreme sports enthusiasts, it gradually became popular with the public.

    2020-04-11 YMP Industry Limited

  • A good Vlog tool: a selfie stick tripod

    When I was single, I live abroad alone with my dog and my good mate, a selfie stick tripod. This selfie stick tripod really helps me and my family a better life. You’d better have one.

    2020-04-01 YMP Industry Limited

  • Take Your Video To The Next Level With A Gimbal Stabilizer

    Gimbal stabilizers make it unbelievably easy to capture smooth-as-silk video—goodbye, shakiness!

    2020-03-28 YMP Industry Limited

  • YMP Cooperate With To Make A Travel Device Sharing Platform With Shared Selfie Stick

    Liberation travel backpack, eggplant selfie stick to make a travel device sharing platform with shared selfie stick as the entry point.

    2020-03-25 YMP Industry Limited

  • Selfie Stick Make Your Life More Colorful

    YMP as a professional selfie stick manufacture, provide various of selfie stick product, included fashionable tripod selfie stick, lady favorite fill light selife stick and flexible rotation new selfie stick, let me introduce the new trend selfie stick from YMP!

    2020-03-25 YMP Industry Limited

  • Types of Selfie Sticks

    Selfie sticks are becoming increasingly popular among young smartphone users. A recent survey involving 18-34 years old mobile users in the U.S. revealed that about 95% of them have taken at least one selfie, and about 27% of them have used a selfie stick.

    2020-03-24 YMP Industry Limited

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