• How The Selfie Stick Dealer Stands Out In The Fierce Market Competition

    The future selfie stick market is full of opportunities and challenges. Facing such fierce market competition, only by doing a good job in the three aspects of "brand, management and service", can the selfie stick agency expand and strengthen its business, seize more market share and earn more wealth.

    2020-01-13 YMP Industry Limited

  • Selfie Has Become A Habit-How To Choose A Good Selfie Stick

    Compared with Casio self-timer artifacts, SLR, micro-single self-timer tools, the selfie stick is very cost-effective, can play the role of a mobile phone, light and portable, with many advantages.

    2020-01-13 YMP Industry Limited

  • Gopro Selfie Stick Test

    The Gopro selfie stick has been well received on Amazon. Some reviews were given, and most of them were positive, ranging from 5 stars to 3 stars. Few reviews leave a bad impression on Gopro Selfie Stick.

    2019-12-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • As An Ultra-Strong Selfie Stick With Anti-Shake

    As an ultra-strong selfie stick with anti-shake, Osmo has set the camera's selfie shortcut very intimately. If you press the mode switch three times, the lens will automatically switch to the selfie mode, which is very convenient. Since I couldn't find a girl to help test, this part of the proofs skipped!

    2019-12-31 YMP Industry Limited

  • Why You Need a Selfie Stick for Your Mobile Photography

    The selfie stick has become one of the most widely used smartphone accessories, proving that selfies aren't just for celebrities who like to show off their good looks.

    2019-12-24 YMP Industry Limited

  • Why Are You So Obsessed with Selfie Sticks

    The selfie stick that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world seems to have become an indispensable selfie artifact nowadays. In the past, the "Small Cannon" professional SLRs in tourist attractions are about to be replaced by selfie sticks.

    2019-12-24 YMP Industry Limited

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